Sugar Brown Comedy


About Lanita Shera - Your Star behind Sugar Brown

I am a non-denominational artist.  I call myself that because I create with several artistic mediums including performance poetry, composing my music, choreography, film, and plays. Beyond being an artist I am a storyteller, telling the stories of my unsung heroes who happen to be everyday people.  I thrive in art for social change, and I focus on underrepresented groups including women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community.

Lanita Shera holds two degrees. A BA in English Literature from the University of Georgia and a MFA in dance choreography from Sam Houston State University. A former dancer from Joel Hall dance company, she challenges the world by empowering women to have a body positive, sex positive and overall women supporting women stands in this hilarious and sexy show. This is the first of its kind! She breaks ground with a new genre she calls erotic comedy. The show has been selling out all over the country! Get your tickets today!

My Motivation

Exclusion from the mainstream is a result of my greatest strength in producing.  I have produced, marketed, and run many of my plays, films and dance concerts and have been mildly successful.  I am an idea person as well as a go-getter and have succeeded in every goal I have set.

My work is not for praise, awards, grades, craft or scholarly merit, although it may come.  It is for people who need healing and actively seek it, including myself.  The dance, choreography, film technique or writing will never be as important to me as my message.  In my search for equality, I have become a Black feminist activist, using arts activism as a medium for communication and breaking down barriers.  I am a visionary, and I will continue to create what I see for the world to feel.  I communicate through art, and it is my love language to the world.